Businesses and residents crowdfund reusable cups to avoid waste

Chesterfield businesses and residents have successfully crowdfunded a scheme to purchase reusable cups as part of an upcoming Plastic Free Festival organised by Plastic Free Chesterfield. 

We set up the crowdfunding platform to ensure the festival, which takes place on 8th August at New Square, Chesterfield Market, could live up to its name and ensure no single use plastics are given out at the event. Each year Britain uses 2.5 billion plastic-lined coffee cups. Each disposable cup will take 30 years to decompose, and shockingly, only one in 400 cups end up being recycled.

The reusable cups being purchased will be branded with a Chesterfield themed design created by local illustrator, Chris Livings, and will have on it names of all businesses who have sponsored.

The cups will be available for the public to either loan or buy at the festival and can be used for their drink at the event. If loaned, attendees will get their money back if they return it and if purchased the cups can be used outside of the festival in Chesterfield’s cafes and takeaways to reduce single use plastic and save money at the same time, with most businesses providing a discount if customers bring their own cup.

Greg Hewitt, Plastic Free Chesterfield Community Lead, said: “The crowdfunding success is incredible and follows on really well from the Plastic Free Community accreditation we were awarded last week. The Chesterfield business community has proved this with their sponsorship of the cups. We would like to say a huge thank you to all of the businesses (as well as individuals) who, despite Covid uncertainly impacting their business, have believed in the project and donated. The cup design is stunning, and if successful at the festival, we would like to discuss the roll out for more cups to be purchased across the Borough.”

Reusable cup schemes are growing in popularity with examples such as the Shrewsbury Cup, football clubs, and festivals such as Glastonbury and Download.

List of businesses and organisations who have donated to sponsor the cups:

  • As Fresh as a Daisy
  • Astra Designs UK
  • CCS Media
  • Chesterfield FC Community Trust
  • Crafty Juju Designs
  • Crooked Pickled Co
  • Cup & Saucer
  • Elsie Moss Botanical
  • Focus Food Services
  • Hasland Magazine
  • Hasland Pet Supplies
  • Hogg Norton
  • Lollipops Cakes
  • Lottie’s Sandwich Bar
  • Monkey Park
  • One Keg Ltd
  • Pebble Moon Crafts
  • Personalised by Wibbz
  • Rex’s Succulent Emporium
  • SallycinnamonCo
  • Steph’s Sustainable Stuff
  • The Cheese Factor
  • Tuckins

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