A great action to take locally is something called #ReturnToOffender campaign. It’s a great Citizen Science initiative.

This involves you and the people of Chesterfield taking photos of branded packaging pollution you find in the environment during your daily exercise or on a litter pick, and uploading these photos to social media with a direct message for the companies responsible.

  1. #SeeIt – find branded items
  2. #SnapIt – take a picture of it, clearly showing the brand name
  3. #ShareIt – share the photo on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtags #ReturntoOffender and #LessPlasticPlease and tag the brand’s social media account as well as Plastic Free Chesterfield

An example Twitter post might be:

Hey (@CocaCola_GB) your drinks bottles keep polluting #Chesterfield streets. When are you going to start pumping out less plastic pollution? #ReturnToOffender #LessPlasticPlease @plasticfreechez

Why not have a go today! And remember, it’s not just you doing this – there will be people all over the country taking part!