Brand Audits

A great action to take part in locally is something called Brand Audits.

Massive corporations need take responsibility for their plastic pollution, and as volunteers on the ground taking part in litter picks you are in an amazing position to be able to record what you find and help us hold the big brands to account.

How it works

  1. Organise / Do a Litter Pick in Chesterfield
  2. Register the brands you find on your clean up

Surfers Against Sewage will then use the evidence you collect to call big brands to account and demand the Government:

  • Do not delay key policy that will reduce plastic pollution – the plastic industry around the world is using the current pandemic to delay critical policy that would see the reduction of plastic pollution. We are already seeing the impacts of this in the UK with delays to bans on straws, stirrers and cotton bud sticks and introducing Deposit Return Schemes in Scotland and delays to. We need to tell government not to use one crisis to ignore another
  • Introduce Extended Producer Responsibility – we want manufacturers of packaging to be responsible for 100% of the costs of dealing with their packaging.
  • Introduce a Deposit Return Scheme – we want the UK Government to introduce a Deposit Return Scheme for a wide range of materials, including ALL plastic bottles. And we want this to be introduced before 2023.