21 Plastic Free Swaps for 2021

This year Plastic Free Chesterfield are challenging you to take a Plastic Free Pledge and make at least one swap away from using single-use plastics.

To help you, here are 21 ideas for your Plastic Free 2021 :

  1. Buy unpackaged fruit and vegetables (from greengrocers such as in Chesterfield Marketplace or Smarties Fruit & Veg) using your own brought-from-home bags
  2. Give up plastic bottles, buy a reusable one and refill for free at locations all over town
  3. Say no to a to-go cup, buy a reusable one and be rewarded with a discount on your coffee too
  4. Use your own containers to buy cheese, meat, fish & deli items
  5. Say no to a plastic bag, invest in a reusable bag and keep it on your person at all times
  6. Say no to single-use cutlery. Either take your own stainless steel, or buy bamboo or other reusable cutlery to use on-the-go
  7. Switch to loofah washing up cloths and wooden scourer brushes
  8. Purchase some beeswax or vegan food wraps to replace cling film and foil
  9. Give up plastic-wrapped snacks and sweets. Try plastic-free crisps with Steph’s Sustainable Stuff
  10. Make your own packed lunches and hot drinks in thermos flasks instead of buying packaged sandwiches when out and about
  11. Cut down on plastic bottled milk and plastic bottle fruit juices and have them delivered in glass bottles from a local milk delivery service
  12. Switch to dishwasher powder or dissolve-able tablets
  13. Switch to bamboo toothbrushes or recycle your electric toothbrush heads
  14. Switch to Toothpaste Tabs or try Truthpaste in a jar
  15. Switch to plastic-free toilet roll, such as Who Gives A Crap
  16. Head to Steph’s Sustainable Stuff for refills on laundry & washing up detergents
  17. Try out shampoo bars and use nice soap instead of shower gels
  18. Switch from tea bags to tea leaves (most tea bags contain plastic). You can get this from Cup & Saucer, Steph’s Sustainable Stuff or Northern Tea Merchants
  19. Give up ready-made meals
  20. Make your own hummus, dips, snacks, biscuits, crackers… get creative!
  21. Shop at Steph’s Sustainable Stuff for plastic-free refills of pantry goods such as pasta, rice, lentils, nuts & seeds, as well as herbs and spices

Take the Plastic Free 2021 Pledge