Just like businesses, organisations such as community groups, charities, community centres, libraries, museums, colleges and hospitals can also play a big part in reducing single-use plastic.

Plastic Free Chesterfield are looking for organisations interested in reducing their single-use plastic whilst also supporting the aims and objectives of Plastic Free Chesterfield.  To become a Plastic Free Ally, groups / organisations must take the Plastic Free Pledge.

They must pledge to: 

  • remove single-use plastic from their group, e.g. if they hand out plastic cups at a group meeting – note: if they don’t offer/use any single-use plastic, they qualify
  • communicate their plastic free stance internally and externally
  • support Plastic Free Chesterfield and plastic-free initiatives locally

Check out the sub-page ‘Plastic Free Allies‘ to find out which groups and organisations in Chesterfield have made swaps and changes to become Allies. Contact us to arrange a discussion and to get your group / organisation signed up as a Plastic Free Ally!