Plastic Free Allies

Plastic Free Chesterfield are proud to announce the following groups/organisations as Plastic Free Allies

Big Red Food Shed

A project growing food for the local community, offering Horticultural Therapy to Adults with Learning Difficulties and people with Mental Health needs.

Big Red Food Shed doesn’t use any single-use plastics at any of their activity sessions. They strive to find a use for old and damaged pots after they have been used over and over.


Chesterfield Baptist Church

Baptist church near Chesterfield town centre.

Chesterfield Baptist Church have become an ally as they have appointed a Recycling Champion who encourages people to move to plastic free things in all aspects of life. The church have introduced reusable cups for tea/coffee before services. And a recycling system has been set up through the Terracycle scheme. These are: 
Home flexible wipe packaging and plastic air freshener sand packaging, Bread bags, Toothbrushes, electric toothbrush heads, toothpaste tubes, floss packaging and all dental care packaging, the plastic rings that hold cans, coffee cups and coffee machine pods, Kinder chocolate packaging and plastic, plastic inflatables such as paddling pools and toys, all plastic containers and packaging from personal care and beauty goods, all biscuit and snack wrappers, Pringle tubes, all confectionary wrappers, all nuts, pretzels or popcorn packets, crisp packets, all pens,highlighters and felt tips, plastic pet food wrappers.


Chesterfield & District Civic Society

Chesterfield & District Civic Society don’t give out any single-use plastic items at any of their events!


Chesterfield College

Chesterfield College have swapped plastic cutlery for wood and bamboo spoons, knives and forks, swapped plastic straws for paper straws, and swapped plastic takeaway boxes for Vegware takeaway trays.


Chesterfield Garland Dancers

A women’s side who perform clog and garland dances from (mainly) the north west of England.

The Garland Dancers will continue to bring the drinks that they consume during their practices and at public events in re-usable containers, either in metal or solid plastic bottles that they already have and will use for as long as we possibly can. The carry cases they use for their equipment are cloth bags, or wicker baskets with specially made covers, and they will continue to use these. They do not use any additional single-use plastic.


Chesterfield Market Cafe

Café based in Chesterfield Market Hall with fantastic quality barista style coffee and speciality teas from local suppliers as well as a great selection of locally sourced cakes, bakes and scones, sandwiches and paninis.

The Chesterfield Market Cafe use paper straws INSTEAD OF plastic straws, cardboard cake boxes INSTEAD OF polystyene / plastic packaging, paper bags INSTEAD OF plastic bags, wooden stirrers instead of plastic stirrers, and wooden cutlery for take outs INSTEAD of plastic cutlery. The Market Cafe also offer 10% discount on hot drinks if you bring your own cup and advertise this through a poster. Plus they offer free water refills – INSTEAD OF promoting single-use water bottles.


Chesterfield Museum

Local museum run by Chesterfield Borough Council where you can discover the Story of Chesterfield, from its beginnings as a Roman fort, the expansion of the Market and the Industrial Revolution, which brought ‘Father of the Railways’, George Stephenson, to town.

Chesterfield Museum have replaced plastic bags with paper ones in their shop. Staff use china mugs and glasses for drinks. They have pledged to work towards getting rid of plastic materials for their in house craft activities. And they have also pledged to investigate alternatives to the plastic envelopes they currently use for mailings.


Chesterfield Operatic Society

An exciting, friendly and ultimately professional group of musical people.

Chesterfield Operatic Society  run a bar and have pledged not to buy any more plastic bottles for pop. When transporting Operatic items, they will only use reusable bags. Plus they are going to put a notice on their sites to encourage their members to go plastic free.


Chesterfield Philharmonic Choir

A society to promote, improve, develop and maintain public education in and appreciation of the art and science of choral music in all its aspects by the presentation of public concerts and recitals.

The choir has stopped using disposable plastic cups at weekly rehearsals and each bring their own mug now.
On the forthcoming Choral Day in June 2020, they will substitute the usual all disposable cups, plates and crockery they have previously used for convenience, in favour of china and lots of washing up! Also, individual members are doing their bit to address the issue. Plus, they will also encourage their concert venues to be single use plastic free.


Chesterfield Quakers

There has been a Quaker Meeting in Chesterfield for well over 350 years. The Chesterfield Quakers are one of the nine Quaker meetings in the Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire Area Meeting.

The Friends have pledged to stop eating packets of biscuits, give up teabags, and make their own cleaning materials reusing existing containers. Chesterfield Quakers have also pledged to only purchase toilet rolls without plastic wrapping.


Community Growth CIC

Coming soon

Coming soon.


Derbyshire Voluntary Action

Derbyshire Voluntary Action is a membership organisation for North Derbyshire’s health and wellbeing related voluntary and community sector.

Derbyshire Voluntary Action have stopped buying plastic water bottles and are using water filter jugs. They have pledged not to use disposable cups and plates at their forums and meetings. They will refill hand sanitiser bottles and their washing up bottle. And they will use other refillables wherever possible.


Destination Chesterfield

Destination Chesterfield delivers a number of marketing campaigns which are helping to improve the economic prosperity of Chesterfield by promoting it as a contemporary destination to inward investors and supporting existing businesses.

Destination Chesterfield now use glass and china glasses/mugs for drinks at their annual awards ceremonies INSTEAD OF single-use plastic cups / coffee cups. They also use metal cutlery at their annual award ceremonies INSTEAD OF single-use plastic cutlery. The team all use refillable bottles or cups INSTEAD OF single use plastic water bottles. And if they produce bags for events or campaigns they are paper, card or cotton INSTEAD OF single use plastic bags.


Don Catchment Rivers Trust

Don Catchment Rivers Trust has been established to help protect and restore the rivers and streams in the River Don catchment area, this includes not just the River Don but also the River Dearne, River Rother and other rivers such as the Sheaf, Went, Ea Beck and many others.​

Don Catchment Rivers Trust have become an ally as they are working tirelessly in Chesterfield to tackle the issue of waste in our rivers and streams, by holding regular river/stream/pathway clean ups. Details of these can be found on their event calendar. They would like to work alongside Plastic Free Chesterfield in highlighting the amount of plastic waste found in the rivers and streams found in Chesterfield, hopefully encouraging the public to take action on single-use plastic.


DORA 2017

DORA 2017 is the new chapter of DORA the mental health charity based in Chesterfield.

DORA 2017 doesn’t use any single-use plastics at any of their events. They will pledge to reduce their use of products they purchase where the packaging is single-use plastic, particularly foodstuffs.

Chesterfield Timebank

A skill sharing organisation free to join. Everyone’s time is equal in value.

Chesterfield Timebank do not provide plastic water bottles at meet ups and pledge to encourage members to bring re-fillable coffee cups to meet ups. Members are encouraged to borrow or loan plastic items when required for a one off use eg table decorations, display board etc and Time Bank pledge to build on this. One of the Time Bank groups, Time2share, involves distributing items to members, the use of plastic bags is avoided where possible and Time Bank pledge to work towards only using fabric ones.  


Edge Events

A company who creates and delivers cutting edge events covering all sectors of the events industry. With over 15 years experience working alongside some of the biggest names, festivals and brands in the world, they have taken what they think are the vital ingredients to deliver an events program that is unique to the area and the people within in it.

Edge Events have become an ally as they have worked with Plastic Free Chesterfield specialist members to reduce as much waste as possible at their festivals. They have changed their criteria on their stallholder application process, only allowing those who are actively reducing their plastic use and waste. Edge Events are also promoting Plastic Free Communities to their stallholders so that these businesses can sign up to become Plastic Free Champions.


First Class Learning Chesterfield

Helping children achieve their potential through individual learning plans, improving concentration and confidence, and improving grades with school work.

The group have switched away from handing out plastic wallets for their students’ work, pledging not to use them anymore.


Green Arch Consulting

Supporting businesses to design and deliver profitable strategies for climate change resilience, brand enhancement and futureproofing.

Emma has pledged to spread the word about Plastic Free Chesterfield and its objectives, make connections between Plastic Free Chesterfield and interested organisations and individuals who would like to be involved, or who can help further the impact of the group, and promote sustainability and reduction of single use items including plastics through speaking at events – including events organised by Plastic Free Chesterfield.
As a sole trader based from a home office, Emma has minimal single use plastics impact. Her greatest impact is in helping her clients to understand and reduce their own single use plastics. However, as part of her business operations, Emma looks to ensure the following:

Refuse: where she attends events that only have disposable coffee cups, and where she has forgotten to bring my reusable cup, she will go without

Reduce:  when buying materials for her home office, she seeks to reduce packaging where possible.

Reduce and reuse: Emma has reusable waterbottles and coffee cups which she uses when travelling to events and meetings in order to avoid using disposable cups


Junction Arts

A place-based charity who works with people to improve well-being and inspire change. Their festivals, workshops and events offer the chance for people to be creative and build stronger communities.

Pledged not to serve drinks in disposable cups (Card or plastic) at their events and workshops. They will make sure all their print marketing is recyclable. And they will use plastic free tea bags.


Little Midland Society

A local model railway club.

For many years, the Little Midland Society have tried to be responsible about their waste. They have never routinely used single use plastic cups, always using pot ones. One of the items that they used to use a fair few of was cotton buds which were supplied with plastic stems.  These have now been replaced with cotton buds with cardboard stems.


Senior Spireites FC

As a club they do not give out any single-use plastic. However, individual members used to bring water to drink and some used single use bottles. To take action on this, the club has decided to buy re-usable water bottles, bearing the club name for all of their members to try to reduce the number of bottles which are discarded after games.

Sorbo Lounge

Chesterfield cafe, a home from home, offering delicious food and drinks, all day, on your doorstep. Their aim is simple: every customer leaves happy.

Sorbo Lounge only distribute straws made out of corn starch, making a strong decision not to sell single-use plastic straws. They also use bin bags made out of corn starch.  Also, Sorbo Lounge have signed up to the Refill scheme to encourage people to refill their water bottles for free.  Finally, Sorbo Lounge save all of their coffee bean bags, refill them with used coffee grinds, and offer these out to customers for free.


St John’s Church, Walton

St John’s Eco Church don’t use any single use plastics at any of their church meetings and in their church groups. Their Tuesday lunch caters for around 50 people and we use linen tablecloths, ceramic crockery, glass tumblers and jugs and stainless steel cutlery – no plastic straws! They are careful to avoid single use plastic packaging in catering for this weekly lunch. They encourage other church groups and church centre users to reduce, reuse and recycle. They also provide information on a local organisation that hires party ware that is reusable to reduce disposable single use plastic. They will be carrying out a regular litter pick from March 2020.


St Thomas’ Centre

St Thomas’ Centre in the Brampton area of Chesterfield. Rooms available for hire at reasonable rates. Ideal for parties, conferences and meetings. St Thomas’ Coffee Bar on site, which can provide catering for events.

St Thomas Centre have become an ally as they have taken out sachets of sauce, swapped to paper straws and compostable cups. They also run a bring it back take away scheme and make as much as they can on site. St Thomas’ Centre composts waste and also gives food waste to local food banks and homeless provisions. They aim to re use and reduce as much waste as they can.


Third Tuesday @ Two club (at St John’s Church, Walton)

The group don’t use disposable crockery, cutlery or plastic bottles (apart from milk which they recycle).
They home bake all of their refreshments so there is no packaging there and they use linen table cloths.
Their coffee is in glass containers, sugar is in paper packets and they don’t have control over the packaging for the tea.

Transition Chesterfield

Chesterfield people working together to be more robust and adaptable, creating a network of cooperation for a sustainable future. Includes the following projects: Abundance, Inspire Community Garden and Repair Cafe.

Transition Chesterfield have become an ally as they are working to reduce waste, promoting Plastic Free Chesterfield in their monthly newsletters and supporting Plastic Free Chesterfield financially. Their Repair Cafe, held on the 3rd Saturday of the month at Chesterfield Baptist Church, aims to repair broken items, so they are not thrown away, and thus given a new lease of life.


Waste Not Café Chesterfield

Monthly pop-up social eating cafe using surplus food otherwise thrown away by supermarkets, held at Chesterfield Baptist Church on 3rd Sunday of the month.

Waste Not Cafe hands out Surfers Against Sewage Plastic Free individual action guides at every meal. They reuse containers they are given from their Fareshare delivery, such as yoghurt pots, for storage pots for the public to take away leftover uneaten food. Waste Not Cafe also utilises the church’s excellent Terracycle recycling scheme.


Are you part of a community group/charity/church/community centre and would like to be a Plastic Free Ally? Contact us via our Contact page.