Reducing Single-Use Plastic in Businesses

Plastic is a fashionable topic to talk about these days. In a relatively short space of time we have become a society where businesses are being pressured by customers and the media to reduce or eliminate single use plastics.

Here in Chesterfield, local businesses have their very own (free!) support group in the form of Plastic Free Chesterfield – who are using tried and tested methods to help businesses audit, reduce and even eliminate single use plastics.

Why Should Businesses Look to Phase out Single Use Plastics?

1. Reputation
Businesses are starting to reduce single use plastics in order to maintain or improve their reputation and their brand. Customers and employees are demanding it, and some businesses are listening.

2. Cost
It is increasingly expensive to produce waste as a business. Local waste collection prices have gone up this year. If single use plastics make up some of your waste stream – it’s worth seeing how you can reduce or even eliminate it.

3. Regulation
In April 2022 a new Plastic Packaging Tax comes into force, taxing businesses who use single-use plastics in their business. It makes sense, therefore, to remove single-use plastics now, so as to avoid the tax from April.

Check out the sub-page Plastic Free Champions‘ to find out which businesses in Chesterfield have made swaps and changes to become champions. If you want to know how to reduce single use plastics in your business, contact us via the Contact tab to arrange a discussion and get a free workbook showing how you can make a start.

If you’re a business that is doing SOMETHING (i.e. ‘doing your bit’) towards reducing single-use plastic, we’d love to celebrate that and then help you achieve more.  Check out our ‘doing their bit‘ page to find a list of businesses who are doing just that!