World Refill Day – join the Refill Revolution

Plastic Free Chesterfield is calling on both Chesterfield’s businesses and the public to join the movement to say YES to reusables and NO to single-use.
Join the #RefillRevolution.

If you’re a business:

  • Provide a free water bottle refill point and allow customers to bring in their own reusable water bottle
  • Allow customers to bring in their own reusable coffee cup
  • Allow customers to bring in their own reusable containers for packaging food

City to Sea has produced free guidance for businesses in the Covid safe acceptance of water refills in reusable bottles, reusable coffee cup refills and food packaging refills. They’ve also a comprehensive road map for the food-to-go sector to move away from single-use packaging. This guidance is ‘essential’ if we are to avoid more scenes of our parks covered in single-use plastic.

Over 115 health experts from 18 countries have signed a statement  assuring retailers and consumers that reusables are safe during Covid-19. The health experts emphasise that disposable products are not inherently safer than reusables and that reusable systems can be utilised safely during the pandemic by employing basic hygiene.

If you’re an individual

Demonstrate your support for reusables by:

  • Wearing a reusable facemask/face covering
  • Taking your water bottle when on-the-go
  • Taking your coffee cup when on-the-go
  • Takingyour container when-on-the-go
  • And downloading the free Refill HQ app

Take a photo of you using your reusables and use the hashtags #WorldRefillDay and #RefillRevolution

Find the businesses in Chesterfield accepting reusables and joining the refill revolution