Take part in The Million Mile Clean

The Million Mile Clean is being coordinated nationally by Surfers Against Sewage. It connects our litter picking actions throughout the year and targets 100,000 volunteers nationally walking 10 miles whilst cleaning the places they love. After more than a year of isolation, social distancing and reduced physical activity, The Million Mile Beach Clean reconnects communities with the environment, whilst promoting the benefits of volunteering for both physical health and mental wellbeing. Join us for the longest and most active clean-up campaign ever!

Join in

We want you to walk, jog, run, cycle or paddle 10 miles throughout the year whilst picking up rubbish. On Chesterfield’s streets, parks, rivers, streams, you can clean anywhere, anytime, just remember to track your distance (you can use apps such as Strava to do this), submit your results, and use the hashtags #MillionMileClean and #Chesterfield when posting on social media.

You can either run a clean and get your community involved (however you define community), join a clean in Chesterfield, or just litter pick by yourself in your own time. All of your cleaning action counts towards the national million-mile goal.

Run a community clean

If you run a community clean, please let Plastic Free Chesterfield know what mileage you all covered. Please record this on our sheet:

Surfers Against Sewage would love to know how many people took part, how much rubbish you collected, and the total distance you covered whilst on your clean. This can be done via the Brand Audit form – see below.

If you’re out litter picking yourself

If you’re a solo litter picker or out on an informal clean up, Plastic Free Chesterfield would love for you to record your mileage. Please record this on our sheet:

Join a community clean

We’ll be listing details of any Chesterfield community cleans on our website so please let us know if you’re organising one so we can publicise them.

  • Clean #1: Saturday 22nd May, 10.30am at Queen’s Park

Make an impact with your clean – Brand Audit

Cleaning up Chesterfield’s streets, parks and rivers is a brilliant start, but together there is so much more we can do to tackle plastic pollution. It’s time to stop the source of the problem. Take part in a Brand Audit by recording the rubbish you find and entering your results.

With your help, collectively across the UK, we can put pressure on the biggest plastic polluters and urge them to rethink their packaging. Your results contribute to global marine pollution research and will help shape the future of the packaging industry. Once you complete the Brand Audit form, you’ll also get a free Hydro Flask reusable bottle in the post!

Make an impact with your clean – Return to Offender

Sick of finding litter from the same big-name brands? It’s time to call on the manufacturers to reduce their plastic packaging. When you see a branded piece of pollution while you’re out on your clean, simply snap it and share it.

  • See It – Find branded items of litter
  • Snap It – Take a picture of it / them, clearly showing the brand name.
  • Share It – Using Twitter, share the picture with the hashtag #ReturnToOffender and tag the brand’s social media account, @sascampaigns and @plasticfreechez.

An example Twitter post might be:

Hey (@CocaCola_GB) your drinks bottles keep polluting #Chesterfield streets. When are you going to start pumping out less plastic pollution? #ReturnToOffender @plasticfreechez @sascampaigns

Good luck and have fun!
Thank you – from Plastic Free Chesterfield and Surfers Against Sewage