Plastic Free Easter

Easter is coming, which usually means lots of plastic wrapped Easter eggs. On their website, Friends of the Earth comment: “ A few years ago the government’s waste advisory body, Wrap, calculated that the 80-odd million Easter eggs we buy each year come with around 3,000 tonnes of packaging – a significant amount of it plastic waste.”

It is great to see that this year the Co-op has a range of plastic free eggs. The website, The Vendeur, has put together a really handy list of Plastic Free Easter Eggs.

Or make your own chocolate eggs:

Dark chocolate:
Cocoa powder, Coconut oil, Honey, Vanilla extract, Sugar (optional)

Milk chocolate:
Cocoa butter, cocoa powder, milk powder (almond, soy, rice powder work too), sugar/agave syrup/liquid stevia, salt (optional)

Melt chocolate, add chosen extra ingredients, pour into chosen shape containers (both same shape), wait to cool and stick together with more melted chocolate
Get creative and draw on the outside of your easter egg with icing.

Of course Easter Eggs aren’t the only thing you can do at Easter.
Check out the following Plastic Free Easter tips:

  • Bake a cake
    • Instead of supermarket-bought plastic-wrapped cake, why not bake a delicious cake. When sourcing ingredients for your cake, choose items you can buy loose from Steph’s Sustainable Stuff, or fruit from a plastic-free fruit & veg box provider such as Smarties Fruit & Veg. Make an effort to only buy ingredients that are not wrapped in single-use plastic.
  • Decorations
    • Get crafty and creative by trying your hand at upcycling and turning your recycling into something unique. There are lots of ideas online.
    • Paper chains
    • Make bunting from scrap materials / old fabric
    • Cut up colourful boxes from cereals etc.
  • Cards
    • Avoid cards that use glitter and embellishments and those that come in a cellophane wrapper. Our Plastic Free Champion Shop Indie sells some great cards.
    • Find some paper and card around the house and make a homemade Easter card with a personalised note
  • Plastic Free Easter gifts from our amazing Plastic Free Champion businesses
    • They need your support, so #ShopLocal and support those Chesterfield independent businesses who are making efforts to reduce single-use plastics. Here are some Easter offers from our Champions: