Help us purchase reusable cups for a Plastic Free Festival

Plastic Free Chesterfield are organising an annual Plastic Free Festival on Saturday 31st July where the public can shop at a Plastic Free Marketplace for items that help them to reduce their use of single-use plastics, as well as run demonstrations, performances and food and drink to give it that festival feel.

As it’s a Plastic Free Festival, we do not want to be giving out any single-use cups or containers for food and drink. Therefore we are looking at purchasing 150 own-branded design re-usable half-pint cups and 150 own-branded design re-usable coffee cups to be available for people to either loan and return or buy and keep.

Please help us to crowdfund the money to purchase these so we can avoid single-use plastic and create a fantastic Plastic Free Festival.

Donate £2 and we’ll offer you a reusable half-pint cup
Donate £4 and we’ll offer you a reusable coffee cup
Donate £25 and we’ll put you or your business name on the cup