Trash Talk

This autumn Plastic Free Chesterfield is taking part in The Generation Sea: Plastic Protest which involves six grassroots actions designed to challenge the manufacturers of unnecessary, single-use plastics, change public perception and demand stronger legislation from the government.

One of these actions is Trash Talk.

Every year, 12 million tonnes of plastic pollution enters the ocean destroying habitats, damaging biodiversity and killing wildlife. We are calling on everyone to write to their MP’s and local supermarkets to demand a reduction in plastic production to stop the flow of plastic pollution into our waterways.

We need to tackle the root cause of the plastic pollution crisis and stop the systemic over-production and over-consumption of non-essential single-use, throw-away and polluting plastics which our current waste systems simply cannot handle.

Write to your MP and call on them to set legally binding targets to stop plastic pollution and phase out single use plastics.


Supermarkets collectively produce 59 billion pieces of packaging annually, totalling a mind-boggling 800,000 tonnes every year.

Write to your local supermarket and call on them to stop using pointless single use packaging and to be transparent with their customers about the steps they are taking to reduce their plastic and waste footprint.