#LessPlasticPlease Survey

This autumn Plastic Free Chesterfield is taking part in The Generation Sea: Plastic Protest which involves six grassroots actions designed to challenge the manufacturers of unnecessary, single-use plastics, change public perception and demand stronger legislation from the government.

One of these actions is the #LessPlasticPlease survey.

Sick of seeing half cucumbers in shrink-wrap or coconuts wrapped in clingfilm? Take the Less Plastic Please Survey to demand supermarkets address pointless plastic items.

How it works

  1. Visit a supermarket for your food shop
  2. Count up the total number of unnecessary plastic packaging items you’ve purchased
  3. Count up the amount of external and internal plastic packaging the items have
  4. Categorise the items into:
    • Fruit & Veg
    • Tins & Jars
    • Frozen & Fridge
    • Dried Goods
    • Store Promo (e.g. balloons, toy giveaways, bags for life)
  5. Take photos of the unnecessary plastic packaging items
  6. Record all of the above on the survey

You can also use the survey to address your top three plastic pet hates from the supermarket.