Community Cleans (litter picks)

This autumn Plastic Free Chesterfield is taking part in The Generation Sea: Plastic Protest which involves six grassroots actions designed to challenge the manufacturers of unnecessary, single-use plastics, change public perception and demand stronger legislation from the government.

The first of these actions will be to organise / get involved with local Community Cleans (litter picks) in Chesterfield.

These should take place between 5th September to 18th October 2020. These dates also coincide with Keep Britain Tidy’s The Great September Clean and the Marine Conservation Society’s Source to Sea Litter Quest.

We are looking for individuals and community groups to carry out a litter pick, between the dates above, across Chesterfield.

If you’re an individual
Fill in this Doodle poll to express your availability to get involved

If you’re a community group
Tell us what you’re doing and when so we can promote what you’re doing

When carrying out the litter pick it will be important to follow all the safe coronavirus guidance.

As part of the Plastic Protest, we are asking individuals and groups to conduct some Citizen Science and collect data of the brands you find so that we can use this to challenge the manufacturers / supermarkets responsible for producing the single-use plastic packaging and call them out to take action to demand better planet packaging.