Chesterfield businesses – reopen, reuse and refill

Plastic Free Chesterfield is calling on businesses to join the #RefillRevolution and ensure reusables are on the menu as they start to reopen from the 12th of April.

Join the movement to say YES to reusables and NO to single-use.
It’s time to get ready to ‘reopen, reuse and refill’.

Businesses are being asked to:

  • Provide a free water bottle refill point and allow customers to bring their own reusable water bottle
  • Allow customers to bring their own reusable coffee cup
  • Allow customers to bring their own reusable containers for packaging food

There are simple steps that coffee shops and food service businesses can follow to keep their customers safe and look after the planet at the same time (see below).

City to Sea has produced free guidance for businesses in accepting water refills in reusable bottles, reusable coffee cup refills and food packaging refills, as well as providing a comprehensive road map for the food-to-go sector to move away from single-use packaging. This guidance is ‘essential’ if we are to avoid more scenes of our parks covered in single-use plastic.

If you’re a business

Over 115 health experts from 18 countries have signed a statement  assuring retailers and consumers that reusables are safe during Covid-19. The health experts emphasise that disposable products are not inherently safer than reusables and that reusable systems can be utilised safely during the pandemic by employing basic hygiene.

If you’re an individual

City to Sea say: “If you’re heading out to meet friends and family for the first time, we can all take simple steps to keep ourselves and our planet safe. This means picking up your reusable facemask, water bottle or coffee cup and popping them in your bag – ready to refill on the go using the free Refill app. Our small actions can have a big impact – if just one in ten Brits refilled a water bottle just once a week around 340m plastic bottles a year would be saved! Before the pandemic, most of us were in the habit of carrying our reusable bottle and we need to make sure we haven’t slipped back to reaching for the single-use plastic.”