Action against balloon releases in Chesterfield

Plastic Free Chesterfield is calling for action against balloon releases in Chesterfield, following the latest stunt on Friday 27th August commemorating 14 year old Logan Folger who jumped into the Chesterfield canal to save his friend. Read our press release for more details.

Take action

Use the website Write to Them to:

  • Write to your local Chesterfield Borough Councillors to call for action locally
  • Write to your local Derbyshire County Councillors to call for action regionally
  • Write to your local MP, Toby Perkins to call for action nationally

Points to mention

  • Just like single-use plastics, animals can mistake brightly coloured balloons for food.  If eaten and ingested, balloons can lead to loss of nutrition, internal injury, starvation, and death.
  • String or ribbon that is often found attached to balloons can cause entanglement. String can wrap around animals causing injury, illness, and suffocation.
  • Foil and Mylar balloons can also get tangled up in power lines, spark fires and cause power outage.
  • Balloon releases are a form of littering, which is particularly bad being so close to the beautiful countryside of the Peak District.
  • Chesterfield Borough Council passed a motion to tackle single-use plastics and plastic pollution in December 2020 and taking action on balloon releases fits within this aim.
  • Around 85 councils in the UK such as North East Derbyshire District Council and West Lindsay and South Keveston in Lincolnshire have enacted such a ban.
  • There are many alternatives to balloon releases, outlined by RSPCA here