Plastic Free Father’s Day

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Father’s Day is coming up on 20th June. Whatever you buy or do for him shouldn’t cost the earth. Here are a number of Plastic Free Father’s Day tips.

  • Give your dad some time
    • Spend the day / part of the day with your dad. Or just call him. It may just brighten his day for him to see you / hear you. Go for a bike ride together or a walk in nature.
  • Bake him a cake (if he’s local)
    • Instead of supermarket-bought plastic-wrapped cake, why not bake your dad a delicious cake and drop it round his house, then enjoy your cake together.
    • When sourcing ingredients for your cake, choose items you can buy loose from Steph’s Sustainable Stuff, or fruit from a plastic-free fruit & veg box provider such as Smarties Fruit & Veg. Make an effort to only buy ingredients that are not wrapped in single-use plastic.
  • Give him something to look forward to
    • Experiences are full of memories, so why not book him an experience to look forward to?
  • Cards
    • Avoid cards that use glitter and embellishments and those that come in a cellophane wrapper. Our Plastic Free Champion Shop Indie sells some great cards.
    • Find some paper and card around the house and make your dad a homemade card with a personalised note
  • Sow the seed of love for your dad
    • For a cost effective and long lasting gift you could buy him a seedling / plant for your dad to plant in his garden
  • Dedicate a song
    • Get your dad a mention on his favourite radio show. You can always send him a link to the broadcast to make sure he hasn’t missed it.

  • Plastic free gifts from our amazing Plastic Free Champion businesses
    • They need your support, so #ShopLocal and support those Chesterfield independent businesses who are making efforts to reduce single-use plastics. Here are some Father’s Day gift ideas from our Champions:
    • The Cheese Factor
      • A wide variety of cheeses – all available to be packaged in your own containers. Plastic Free cheeseboards.
      • Website: