Becoming a Plastic Free Champion: Ideas for plastic free swaps

Plastic Free Chesterfield are looking to sign up Chesterfield-based SME businesses to become an accredited Plastic Free Champion – that is a business who is making three swaps or more to reduce single-use plastics from their business operations. Check out these ideas for swaps.

  • Bagasse compostable takeaway packaging
  • Bags: Paper
  • Bags: Reusable
  • Bamboo Toothbrush
    • You can buy these from Steph’s Sustainable Stuff
  • Ban single-use plastic bottles at work
  • Ban single-use coffee cups at work
  • Ban single-use document wallets
  • Bin Tubs: Washable
  • Cardboard condiment containers
  • Cardboard packaging (not lined with plastic)
  • Cleaning Products: refills
  • Cloths: Reusable
  • Coffee: Loose
  • Coffee: Podless Coffee Machine
  • Coffee Cup: offering refills
  • Coffee Cups: Reusable
  • Condiments: Bottles, Jars or Bowls
  • Cutlery: Reusable
  • Cutlery: Wooden
  • Decorations: Reusable
  • Drinks in cans
  • Drinks in glass bottles
  • Envelopes: Windowless
  • Foil & cardboard takeaway packaging
  • Containers: Glass
  • Containers: Tin
  • Jugs of water and glasses
  • Kitchenwrap: Reusable (instead of clingfilm)
  • Loo roll – plastic free
  • Lunches – plastic free
  • Tea: Loose
  • Milk: in glass bottles
  • Milk: reusable refills
  • Nappies: Real cloth
  • Pads: Reusable
  • Paper bags
  • Paper labels tied with string
  • Paper liners
  • Paper packaging
  • Paper tape
  • Pens/Pencils: Refills
  • Period products: Reusable
  • Shampoo/conditioner bars
  • Soap bars / refills
  • Sugar: Cubes
  • Sugar: Shakers
  • Takeaway: Refills
  • Toiletries: Refills
  • Water bottles: Refillable
  • Water: Offering a refill point
  • Wipes: Reusable
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We would love to hear any alternative suggestions you may have. Contact us and let us know.

Good luck in your plastic-free journey. Remember the Plastic Free Pledge is a pledge and change does not come overnight.

Even if you just start with making one change it’s better than nothing and it is the start of your journey to reduce single-use plastics. Once you’ve made one swap then start looking at what your next will be.

Together we can push for a Plastic Free Chesterfield.