Becoming a Plastic Free Champion: Ideas for plastic free swaps

Plastic Free Chesterfield are looking to sign up Chesterfield-based SME businesses to become an accredited Plastic Free Champion – that is a business who is making three swaps or more to reduce single-use plastics from their business operations. Check out these ideas for swaps.

  • Bagasse compostable takeaway packaging
  • Bags: Paper
  • Bags: Reusable
  • Bamboo Toothbrush
    • You can buy these from Steph’s Sustainable Stuff
  • Ban single-use plastic bottles at work
  • Ban single-use coffee cups at work
  • Ban single-use document wallets
  • Bin Tubs: Washable
  • Cardboard condiment containers
  • Cardboard packaging (not lined with plastic)
  • Central rubbish points to reduce
  • Cleaning Products: refills
  • Cloths: Reusable
  • Coffee: Loose
  • Coffee: Podless Coffee Machine
  • Coffee Cup: offering refills
  • Coffee Cups: Reusable
  • Condiments: Bottles, Jars or Bowls (refill)
  • Containers: Glass / Tin
  • Cups: Reusable
  • Cutlery: Reusable
  • Cutlery: Wooden
  • Decorations: Reusable
  • Drinks in cans
  • Drinks in glass bottles
  • Envelopes: Windowless
  • Foil & cardboard takeaway packaging
  • Jugs of water and glasses
  • Kitchenwrap: Reusable (instead of clingfilm)
  • Loo roll – plastic free
  • Lunches – plastic free
  • Tea: Loose
  • Milk: in glass bottles
  • Milk: reusable refills
  • Nappies: Real cloth
  • Pads: Reusable
  • Paper bags
  • Paper labels tied with string
  • Paper liners
  • Paper packaging
  • Paper tape
  • Pens/Pencils: Refills
  • Period products: Reusable
  • Shampoo/conditioner bars
  • Soap bars / refills
  • Stirrers: Reusable / wooden
  • Straws: Reusable
  • Sugar: Cubes
  • Sugar: Shakers
  • Takeaway: Refills
  • Toiletries: Refills
  • Water bottles: Refillable
  • Water: Offering a refill point
  • Wipes: Reusable
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We would love to hear any alternative suggestions you may have. Contact us and let us know.

Good luck in your plastic-free journey.

Even if you just start with making one change it’s better than nothing and it is the start of your journey to reduce single-use plastics. Once you’ve made one swap then start looking at what your next will be.

Together we can push for a Plastic Free Chesterfield.