Meet the Team

Plastic Free Chesterfield is working to create a plastic free community in Chesterfield with Surfers Against Sewage. A community dedicated to minimising Chesterfield’s contribution to the single-use plastic crisis.

In order to achieve this, our group is run entirely by volunteers. Let’s meet the team!

Steering Group members

Greg Hewitt
Community Lead

I volunteered myself to be Plastic Free Chesterfield’s Community Lead as I want to make a difference in my community, helping to reduce waste and at the same time creating a connected community too. I am a passionate individual who strives for change and doing my bit for the environment. Seeing single-use plastics frustrates me so much, and drives me to push for change.

Karl Deakin

I got involved with Plastic Free Chesterfield as I wanted to get involved with my local community to improve our environment. I like the fact that as a group we are pragmatic – we accept that plastic has lots of very good uses – we focus on avoiding unnecessary single use plastic. I do lots of litter picking, but tend not to post about it, just so I can avoid using my phone for a bit. I am a member of the Steering Group working to achieve Plastic Free status and write articles for local publications.

Layla Marsden

I’m part of Plastic Free Chesterfield because plastic is one of the biggest problems for our planet and I want to be part of the solution! My journey to being aware of the plastic problem started late, when me and my little one saw a piece of activist artwork that said by 2030 there would be more plastic in our oceans than fish. It shook us both to imagine a world within our lifetimes suffering to such an extent because of humans and our behaviour. Since then we have done litter picks within Chesterfield and across various UK beaches, changed our shopping habits to use plastic free items and refuse single use plastics and become sustainable superstars, recycling rockstars, animal rights advocates and plastic free preachers and my 7 year old is loving every second of it!

Megan Cook

I volunteer with Plastic Free Chesterfield as I have always been environmentally aware,  but I have become more worried about the over use of plastics and the environmental damage they are doing in the long and short term.I have seen how nearly all the rubbish in my rubbish bin is plastic, I recycle most other items. I want to try to make a difference in Chesterfield and help to discourage the unnecessary use of plastic, especially single use plastic everywhere. I have helped at a litter pick at Queens Park and attended a lot of PFC zoom meetings.

Other volunteers

Chris Livings

Volunteering with PFC has given me the opportunity to connect with like-minded people who are climate conscious and care for the environment. It’s amazing that there is a community of activists here in Chesterfield, who give up their free time to help improve our town. It can sometimes feel hopeless and isolating when you want to make a difference but don’t know how, but being a part of this community helps to inspire and remind me that I’m not alone. I think it’s time for the Chesterfield folk to step up, and start making eco conscious decisions and give back to the town we grew up in.

Martyn Gillie

I have much experience in plastic recycling as I was the Community Projects Officer for the Waste Management Department at Derby City Council for 10 years. I was part of the team that set up plastic recycling in Derby and my job also included connecting local businesses with community groups to complete environmental improvement projects. Now some people said I was good at this as I have the gift of the gab ha ha. I gave presentations to schools, Women’s Institutes, local business forums and more. The reason I want to get involved with this project is because I have seen the David Attenborough programmes about the impact the incorrect disposal of single use plastic is having on our planet. We need to do something pretty fast. And if I can do my bit to help Chesterfield become plastic free then all the better.