Plastic Free Chesterfield calls on 2022 events in Chesterfield to reduce their single-use plastics

Single-use plastic campaign group, Plastic Free Chesterfield, are calling on 2022 event organisers in Chesterfield to start planning early to think how they can reduce their single-use plastics at their events.

Having an event without any single-use plastic can be extremely difficult but Plastic Free Chesterfield say that by planning ahead, events can not only do their bit for the environment by reducing single-use plastic, they can also save money too.

Take for example plastic water bottles. Every sale of plastic water bottle contributes to the problem of our single-use plastic crisis. So by discouraging the sale / provision of water bottles, each and every person who chooses to opt for something different, such as bringing their own bottle or choosing a glass bottle, it can make a huge impact. If the event is outdoors in a field where there is no tap water source, organisers can take with them a large camping/caravan water container filled up at home then bring reusable cups for attendees to use, which can then be washed out and reused, thus saving money. Or again opt for glass bottled drinks which can be recycled.

In terms of other items:

  • Kids plastic juice bottles – instead of individual juice bottles, opt for squash/cordial that can be mixed with water. Think of every single child coming to an event buying single-use plastic juice bottles, each adding to the plastic waste – there are alternatives
  • Cutlery – don’t allow single-use plastic cutlery. Go for wooden instead. The UK Government is looking to ban single-use cutlery and polystyrene cups so start saving money / applying for funds / crowdfunding early to be able to purchase the plastic free alternative. Or even better, use stainless steel cutlery that can be washed and reused, again saving money
  • Coffee cups – invest in reusable coffee cups that can be used as a deposit-return scheme – people pay a small amount as a deposit when buying their hot drink, which they then get back once they bring their cup back. These can be washed and reused, again saving money
  • Beer – invest in reusable pint and half pint cups, again using a deposit return scheme, that can be washed and reused.
  • Tea bags – opt for loose tea or plastic free tea bags
  • Biscuits – can you get home-made biscuits/cakes rather than shop-bought plastic-wrapped goodies?
  • Plates – opt for paper plates – the Government is soon to ban plastic plates, or even better encourage attendees to bring their own containers
  • Cling film – opt for beeswax wraps or reusable containers
  • Sellotape – opt for paper tape or blue tack
  • Banners – make banners where you can change the date for the next year, enabling them to be reused
  • Balloons – opt for plastic free decorations – we have a great business in Chesterfield – Paper Star Lights – which make great balloon alternatives

Plastic Free Chesterfield is willing to work with event organisers to provide alternative suggestions. The group are looking to sign up events as Plastic Free Allies – supporters of the campaign to reduce single-use plastic. The group say all it takes is a bit of planning and thinking in advance and recommends event organisers get in touch early to discuss their event requirements for advice.

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