So what was The Plastic Free Festival all about?

In Spring 2020, a decision was made to organise an event celebrating the work of Plastic Free Chesterfield (PFC). The aim was to plan it for when PFC was accredited as a Plastic Free Community, so sometime in early 2021. The aim was turn it into a feel-good festival with workshops, food and drink and live performances.

So what do we mean by celebrating the work of Plastic Free Chesterfield?
Well showcasing the work that PFC has achieved in the community – so that is:

  • Signing up and working with businesses who have made plastic-free swaps and been awarded as a Plastic Free Champion
  • Signing up and working with community groups who support the campaign and are themselves making plastic-free swaps
  • Signing up and working with schools who have taken on their own Plastic Free Schools mini campaign challenge

So how do you turn that into an event?

  • Well the first part was easy – give Plastic Free Champions a stall to sell their plastic-free products.
  • Then we thought, give our Plastic Free Allies a stall too, to promote their work – but this was later decided against as their work doesn’t involve anything around plastic-free
  • Then, reach out to our schools to ask them how they’d like to be involved (unfortunately due to Covid schools have had a tough time and weren’t able to get involved)
  • And finally, reach out to our Plastic Free Champions and Allies about providing food and drink, workshops and live performances.

So, by organising the Plastic Free Festival, we have:

  • Helped raise awareness of our Plastic Free Champion businesses and where people can go to shop in Chesterfield to help them reduce their single-use plastic and find zero waste/plastic free alternatives
  • Helped people to think about single-use plastic in their own lives and how they can make changes such as sending hard-to-recycle packaging items to Terracycle collectors such as Angela Blair as well making plastic-free swaps around the home and out and about.
  • Engaged people with craft workshops, having fun to reduce their plastic waste
  • Fed people with delicious food
  • Entertained people with live entertainment

We received great feedback that the event was a success, both from the public and from the participants (stallholders / performers). People said the venue was great – very central and good for attracting passers by. People said that the festival helped them to reduce their single-use plastic and future events would help them too.

So what happens next?
We build on the success of this and make the next Plastic Free Festival even better.

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