Chesterfield community are invited to an online meeting to answer confusions around compostable plastics

Plastic Free Chesterfield is to hold an online meeting to enable members of the public to address any questions they may have around the use of compostable plastics.

Compostable and biodegradeable plastic packaging has been touted as the solution to our single-use, throw-away lifestyle, allowing consumers to enjoy products guilt-free. But guess what? Turns out, it’s not that simple.

The issue is complicated – not only for consumers, but also for many small businesses that have been trying to do the right thing by making the switch from plastics to biodegradeable and compostable alternatives.

Plastic Free Chesterfield are responding to this through an online meeting to discuss these issues in detail. The group have invited Andrew Cross, chair of Plastic Free Torridge to give a talk. 

Greg Hewitt, Plastic Free Chesterfield Community Lead said: “Since we started our campaign many people and businesses have told us about their confusions around compostable plastics. They can often be seen as the solution but the more you look into them, the more you realise it’s not as simple as it seems. They’re also a concern especially right now with an increase in home deliveries of takeaway food and drink due to the Covid pandemic. So it’s great we can organise an online meeting to be able to address these issues.”

The online meeting is being held on Wednesday 17th February at 7pm, and held via the Zoom platform. People wishing to attend should register for their place via Eventbrite:

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