Plastic Free Chesterfield to use lockdown to promote local businesses taking action to reduce single-use plastics

Image: Friends of the Earth

Chesterfield single-use plastic campaign group, Plastic Free Chesterfield, have made a commitment to use their social media channels during lockdown to promote local independent businesses who are taking action to reduce their single-use plastics.

Community Lead, Greg Hewitt said: “As we head into a second lockdown and with the Christmas festive season approaching, Chesterfield’s local businesses need all the support they can get during this challenging time.”

“We have many businesses here who are taking steps to reducing their plastic. So not only can Chesterfield residents support local businesses, but they can also vote with their purses/wallets and choose to shop at those who are going the extra mile to protect the environment.”

Businesses will be listed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

The group is celebrating as they have just reached 50 Plastic Free Champion businesses in the borough, thus passing one of the group’s objectives to declare Chesterfield as a Plastic Free Community. To be declared a Champion, a business must show it has removed three items of single-use plastic such as plastic packaging, plastic bottles, and plastic bags, to show they’re committed to tackling the issue.

Any SME business in Chesterfield is welcome to apply. And Plastic Free Chesterfield is now on a mission for 100 Champions by the end of 2021, alongside signing up a major employer with 100+ staff to sit on their Steering Group.

View the Champions here

Businesses can register here

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