Plastic Free Chesterfield calls on the Chesterfield business and voluntary community to #BuildBackBetter

As lockdown eases and shops, restaurants and cafes start to plan their re-opening, Plastic Free Chesterfield is calling on both the business sector and voluntary sector to pledge to #BuildBackBetter.

A recent Surfers Against Sewage survey found that 63% of respondents want to decrease their personal consumption of plastic packaging and 60% want to use refillable containers more. 

The Main Offenders

  • Plastic bottles – the UK uses a staggering 38.5 million single-use plastic bottles every day, of which fewer than 60% are currently recycled
  • Coffee cups – only 1% of the 2.5 billion coffee cups are used in the UK each year are recycled
  • Plastic straws and stirrers – once discarded a straw can last in the environment for 100s of years. . Plastic straws are in the top 10 items polluting the ocean and harming marine life
  • Plastic bags – these fragment in 100-300 years depending on thickness and size, but will remain at large in the environment indefinitely. They  can kill marine wildlife by unintentional digestion or inhalation
  • Plastic utensils – Food and drink-related plastic items now make up one in every five pieces of litter
  • Avoidable plastic food packaging – UK Supermarkets distribute 112,000 pieces of plastic packaging per minute
  • Condiment sachets – these can take 300 years to break down
  • Balloons – One in three seabirds which die are found to have balloons in their stomachs

If you’re part of a Chesterfield business or voluntary sector group, Plastic Free Chesterfield would love to hear from you on how you can #BuildBackBetter.

  • Businesses – you need three “swaps” away from single use plastic to become a Plastic Free Champion, where you’ll receive an award, certificate and free publicity. Check out the Business Toolkit for some ideas of what you can do.
  • Voluntary sector groups and organisations – take the Plastic Free Pledge to become a Plastic Free Ally. Your group might not be able to meet physically right now, but you can start by making the pledge now.

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